2021+2022+2023: The Battle for Humanity

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It is a book about the truth behind the big lie. It is a book about what is really going on right now and what the dark spirits behind the curtain are trying to do to us. As you will see in this book and in the everyday reality that will confirm everything written here, the years 2021, 2022, and 2023 are critical years for the future of all humankind. If these years pass without enough people waking up and beginning to work together, then the dark spirits will succeed in transforming the human kingdom into their own kingdom!

Time has become impatient, and in the midst of these three years of absolute domination of Evil on Earth, this book becomes a necessity precisely because humans have the inalienable RIGHT to know! In order to be able to choose, as beings endowed with free will, humans must first be in the position to have between what and what to choose. Alas, at the moment being, all the so-called alternatives are thrown on the market by the same puppeteers. You are offered fake alternatives, fake leaders, and fake heroes - creations of the same MATRIX - whose purpose is to keep you asleep. You are given the pill of forgetfulness so that you do not get to see reality exactly as it is.

As I said, half the time has passed, and thus the readers will be able to judge for themselves the truth of this message, as well as the plausibility of what is to come. In the middle of 2022, in the middle of the period 2021-2023, people already have all the necessary elements to understand what happened to them, what is happening right now, and what is going to happen next. And this book has the role of urging you to lift, one after the other, the veils that have been tied over your eyes.

Open your eyes, O, HUMAN, and SEE! Your world is about to be destroyed! Your kingdom is about to become the kingdom of dark beings who want to lure you into their realm! Your wonderful Destiny is in great danger, and it is ONLY up to you to change, right now, the course of your history and of the world!


 A message to all human beings

 The VEIL of "world depopulation"

 2021 + 2022 + 2023 = 6066! The decisive years of the great battle for the human being! A window of the spiritual world is opened precisely during the period of maximum intensity of the dark spirits’ ACTIvity! Every human being is called to choose!

 The VEIL of fake media

 The VEIL of fake wars. Spiritual communication or total war between East and West!

 The VEIL of fake peace

 The VEIL of fake "international relations"

 What is the difference between true human brotherhood and artificial globalism?

 The VEIL of leveling globalism and the veil of conflictual nationalism

 The VEIL of fake unity. We have, dear friends, a huge responsibility!

 The VEIL of fake heroes

 The VEIL of fake democracy

 The VEIL of fake politics

 The VEIL of the fake society

 The VEIL of "the favorable context"

 The VEIL of fatalism

 The VEIL of fake causes

 The VEIL of "the return to our pre-crisis life"

 The VEIL that covers our free thinking, the VEIL that covers our free feeling, and the VEIL that covers our free willing

 The VEIL of the fake spiritual life

 The VEIL of fake education

 The VEIL of the fake evolution through technology

 The VEIL of the fake communication between HUMANS

 The three fundamental truths

 A message of Awakening and an invitation to a Great Assembly

 What does it mean, concretely, to work TOGETHER and to work WITHIN the current society?

 The solutions are HERE! But where are the awakened HUMANS?

 Find them, dear human ...

 The man who hides in the human fiber

 What is the MATRIX, and what does it mean to be really awakened?

 An Appeal to Humanity

 What to do?

 It is time to work together!

 The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings

 Time gets impatient!

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2021+2022+2023: The Battle for Humanity

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